ThaiLoveLinks Review

thailovelinks review


ThaiLoveLinks is the largest Thai dating website with over 1 million registered members.  It is owned by Cupid Media, an extremely reputable online dating company with roughly 30 sites based all over the world including FilipinoCupid, DominicanCupid, BrazilCupid, ChineseLoveLinks and a few dozen others.


Number of Girls:

Undoubtedly, the most important aspect of any dating website is the women.  So, how do the women of ThaiLoveLinks rate?  Exceptionally well.  Thai women are obviously some of the most fit and feminine girls on this earth.

And just how many of these sexy things are on ThaiLoveLinks?  Well, I don’t know the exact number, but I just did a search for 18-24 year old girls (do they make them any older?) who logged on within the last week, and the search came back with over 6,000 results (The most results allowed is 1,000, so I searched each age individually from 18-24).  So, basically there is a near unlimited supply of young Thai girls for you to fire messages at.

Quality of Girls:

As far as the quality of girls on ThaiLoveLinks?  It is very, very good.  Any time you have over a thousand, potentially several thousand, 18-24 year old women, the quality will be very good.  However, make those women Thai women (going back to the whole fit and feminine thing) and that quality gets a significant bump in the right direction.  Even the Thai women in their 30’s and 40’s look good.  Try finding that back in the West.

Types of Girls:

ThaiLoveLinks covers the whole spectrum.  You have everything from University girls, to office girls, to passport hunters, to MILFs, to the occasional undercover ladyboy (though thankfully not many), to the good girl looking for a husband.  There is definitely something for everyone on TLL, though I would say the majority of girls are decent Thai women looking for a foreigner to spend time with.  If you follow my advice, you will be able to find exactly the type of girl you are looking for, and avoid any unsavory characters.  I would say a large percentage of TLL girls fall into the young, office worker type of girl, while ThaiFriendly has the University girl market cornered.  Though, each site has an ungodly number form both categories.


The TLL interface is very well laid out, and very easy to use.  It is the most professionally designed Thai dating website in my opinion.  It also has a lot of useful features to help you search and keep track of the Thai women you fancy.

The search feature allows you to search by age, state/city, has a photo, newest members (great way to get girls before they’ve been bombarded by dozens of thirsty dudes) and last online with the basic search.  If you need to get more specific you can use the advanced search to filter through criteria such as height, weight, body type, if they drink/smoke, have kids, occupation, if they are willing to relocate to a new country and even down to their zodiac sign.

Another of my favorite features is the “favorite” feature itself.  This allows you to add girls to your favorites list so that you can come back and contact them later.  Personally, I like to add a couple dozen girls to my favorites list and then message them all and work away at the leads until they are finished.  Then, after I’m ready for a new round of girls, I will go back and repeat the process.  This is a nice way to keep things organized and not get to bogged down with the endless supply of hot girls on the site.


ThaiLoveLinks is not a free dating site, so you need to upgrade your account to get any value from it.  With the free option it allows you to browse other uses profiles, but you cant send messages to non paying members (which leaves about 3 girls on the whole site who actually paid) and you can’t read the emails that non paying members sent to you.  With thousands of beautiful girls on TLL, it is definitely worth it to drop the cash and get yourself a membership.

It doesn’t really matter if you go with gold or platinum, both are very similar in price.  Platinum is nice to have your profile listed above the gold members, but it really is up to you.  I don’t use the send videos feature, so that isn’t important to me.

How many months should you sign up for?

If you already live in Thailand, go for the 6 month package.  You will get the best deal, and you will be using TLL so often it is worth it.

If you are coming to Thailand for a few weeks/month or longer?  Go with the 3 month package.  This gives you 4-6 weeks to start messaging girls before you arrive to get some numbers and dates lined up, but to also get the hang of it and get use to chatting with Thai women.  You will make some mistakes early on, just as I did.  Though, if you follow my advice, you will send significantly less girls running for the hills.

If you are only coming for a week or two, then maybe you only need the one month package.  Though, if you want some extra practice, which isn’t a bad idea, you may consider the 3 month package to give you a month or two to play around and implement my advice and strategies.

thailovelinks-price thailovelinks membership features

Pros and Cons:

The pros of TLL exponentialy outweight the cons, though there are a few.


  • Thousands of quality, sexy girls.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Great search function.
  • Lots of features.
  • Most popular online dating site in Thailand.
  • Owned by Cupid Media.


  • Slightly more expensive than other Thai dating sites.
  • No section for ladyboys (To keep them out of the pool of normal girls.  I know what you were thinkin).

Is ThaiLoveLinks Worth It?

Absolutely!  I love ThaiLoveLinks.  With thousands of young, fit and feminine women who are eager to meet you, what is not to love?  I have met/slept with/dated dozens upon dozens of women from TLL and I can recommend it 100%.  If you’re ready to start meeting some sexy Thai girls, head over to ThaiLoveLinks and get yourself an account.

I’m just going to leave this right here…..

Did I Forget Anything?

If there was anything I missed in the review that you would like to know, or if you agree/disagree/think I’m an idiot, drop me a line down in the comments and I’ll be sure to respond.  Also, be sure to check out my ThaiFriendly review, a well as my comparison of ThaiFriendly vs ThaiLoveLinks to help you decide on which dating sites are best for you.



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