Plan a Date Before You Even Arrive!

First Time Thailand: Dates

It's been a while since the last update but today I want to talk about a very important tip! Something very interesting especially when you go to Thailand for the first time. You can literally  have Thai girls lining up and waiting for you before you even set a foot of the plane. Your date might even pick you up from the airport if you play your Continue Reading

Q&A: I Don’t Have Time For Skype, What Should I Do?

thai girls

  Hey Thai hunters, welcome to the first edition of Q&A here at Thai Dating Tips. I recently received an email from a fellow American looking to take a trip here to Thailand in a couple of months. He doesn't have time to be on Skype every night, and is wondering if using email is ok for now. Let's get to it: Good morning and Continue Reading

Logistics: Where Should My Hotel Or Condo Be Located?


Find out where the best places are in Bangkok to find a hotel or apartment.

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My Thai Girlfriends Buffalo Sick


Don’t be the guy that lets Thai girls take him for a ride.

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How To Get a One Night Stand From ThaiFriendly or ThaiLoveLinks


Some men are not looking for commitment, here are some tips on how to use online dating to find a one night stand.

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Why I Don’t Date American Women, Explained By Google


Does Google know about the difference between US and Thai women?

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