Q&A: I Don’t Have Time For Skype, What Should I Do?

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Hey Thai hunters, welcome to the first edition of Q&A here at Thai Dating Tips.

I recently received an email from a fellow American looking to take a trip here to Thailand in a couple of months.

He doesn’t have time to be on Skype every night, and is wondering if using email is ok for now.

Let’s get to it:

Good morning and thanks for the informative site! I am thinking of visiting Thailand in October (I am American) and have started communicating with Thai girls via messages on Thailovelinks. Overall it seems to be going well a few question though if you don’t mind: I like email because unlike messenger I can respond periodicaly w/out giving a girl all the time messenger requires (like Skype) which some have requested. I feel like if I start Skyping with these girls I won’t have time to pursue multiple prospects. How important is Skyping and how would you go about it with multiple prospects? Sounds bad .. but I really don’t want to be online chatting constantly for the next 2 months…. yet I’d like a solid chance of meeting up in October. Advice?

My Reply:
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Logistics: Where Should My Hotel Or Condo Be Located?

bangkok bts

Logistics is actually super important when it comes to picking up women, and it is often overlooked.  If you live in the US, you don’t want to be way out in the suburbs if you’re going to regularly be bringing women back to your pad, and you don’t want to be way out in Don […]

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My Thai Girlfriends Buffalo Sick

Isaan girlfriend buffalo sick

“Teerak!  Buffalo sick!  If he die can not make rice.  No eat.  Teerak, please help!  I love you too much!  Please send money or family not eat!” Annnnddddd he rushes down to Western Union to wire her 10,000 baht, that she proceeds to spend on food, booze, drugs and her Thai boyfriend. Don’t be this […]

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How To Get a One Night Stand From ThaiFriendly or ThaiLoveLinks

thai girl one night stand

Sometimes guys are just looking for a one night stand. No commitment, no dinner dates, no holding hands and taking it slow, just good ole fashioned fun. Luckily for you, no matter what movies and your parents have led you to believe, many girls are looking for that very same thing. So, how can you […]

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Why I Don’t Date American Women, Explained By Google


And why I DO date Thai women, as explained by Google. Ignore that hooker part, that’s bullshit. The jealousy part is spot on though.

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First Date 101: What To Wear?

first date shirt color

Every time you step outside in Thailand you will see a bunch of sad ass farang running around in their fisherman’s pants, flip-flops, and stupid fucking “Same Same But Different” t-shirts. Don’t be like these guys, or as I like to call them, the NPC (No Pussy Crew). These dipshits not only look ridiculous, but […]

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First Date 101: Should I Kiss Her?

first date kiss

With the Thai Online Dating 101 series complete, it is time to tackle what to do when you have your first date lined up.  Which type of venue should you take her to?  Dinner date, movie date, or drinks (hint, the answer is almost always “drinks”)?  Should you try to kiss her?  How do you […]

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Transferring Thai Girls To Whatsapp, Line, and Skype

line chat thai girls

After you have started implementing Numbers Game, you will have quite a few girls you are messaging back and forth with.  After 1-3 messages, you want to take the interaction off of the Thai dating site you met her on, and onto a different platform.  This is because Thai girls only spend so much time […]

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Numbers Game: My Top Technique For Meeting Dozens Of Hot Thai Girls

thai numbers game

If I had to pick one thing I’ve done that has allowed me to have tons of success on Thai dating sites, and I’ve had a lot, I would have to say this is it. The Numbers Game has allowed me to hook up with extremely hot girls, and many more of them, then I […]

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5 Great Bangkok Date Spots

oskar bar bangkok

Now that you’ve got some solid online game to throw at these Thai girls you locked down on ThaiFriendly and ThaiLoveLinks, you are going to need a couple of tried and true date spots lined up.  Luckily for you, The Professor’s got you covered. As you already know, I prefer drinks on a date.  This […]

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